• Discover the essential elements of an Inspired Work Space.
  • Identify your personal Definition of Success and Wealth.
  • Transform your purpose into prosperity
  • Learn how clutter can inhibit creativity as well as productivity
  • Create a space that supports your business and reflects your gifts

WEALTH ROOM *Global* Summit

  • Create YOUR space for Purpose, Possibility & Prosperity to Converge
  • The Wealth Room Global Summit starts on Thursday November 6, 2014, ending Tuesday November 11, 2014
  • Promise to empower the clients with a clear system for creating workspaces where they can learn to prioritize, gain clarity, and remain on purpose which all results in being more success! Go to GLOBAL SUMMIT

Benefits of a Wealth Room

  • Love your space, love what you do.
  • Less physical clutter keeps you on track and on purpose.
  • Information management systems streamline ‘busywork’ and create time for income generating activities.
  • Avoid burnout and reduce errors
  • Make better decisions for you and your business in less time
  • Attract your ideal clients and achieve better results

Inspiration & Ideas

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On the Grid Bookcase (Lime)

Great ideas for shelves

LaCourte Upright Desk

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    Give me a call and I’ll help you take control of your space and your work!

    - Kristan Browne

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Wealth Rooms help you become KNOWN to yourself and help you recognize your unique gifts. Wealth is not only money; it is success in all the areas that are important to you. It is getting closer to the meaning of your life. Your space, redesigned and reconceived as a Wealth Room, will support your advancement and will help you achieve who you are meant to be.